AI Medical Scribe


We developed a tool that listens to the visit between a patient and their clinician, utilizing AI to simplify documentation.

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Compatible with 25+ EMRs
Trusted by 50+ Partners

Let AI Document right in your EMR.

We offer a Chrome Extension that allows our AI to sit on top of your EMR analyzing the questions you need answered, in real time.

  • Compatible with EMRs
  • Fields filled out in real time
  • Answer any type of question
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Learn your Style and Tone

Our AI is uniquely designed to adapt to your individual style and tone, ensuring that the AI-generated notes not only accurately capture the essence of patient interactions but also resonate with your personal touch.

  • Customizable Commands
  • Upload Example Notes
  • Self Learning Over Time
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Save 2 Hours Daily

Comprehend writes your notes in 15-seconds.

Clinicians using Comprehend are getting 40+ hours back per month. Whether you choose to spend that time with your family, enjoying life, or seeing additional patients is up rather than wasted on documentation.

Additional patients

(per clinician per year)

Increased ARR

(per clinician per year)

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HIPAA Compliant

Our platform was built with a security first mindset. You can rest assured your data is safe when using the Comprehend platform.

  • Audio Is Not Stored
  • Encrypted In Transit and Rest
  • Secure Cloud Computing
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We Support 52+ Languages

Whether you're speaking or writing, it effortlessly bridges language barriers, ensuring your message is accurately conveyed in the language of your choice.

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What our clients say

Our users are our biggest advocates.

“Without exaggeration, it is saving me a very conservative 10 hours per week, and the documentation I am getting done is of much higher quality”

Ehren Trost
Active Care Erie

“I've been able to cut down the time needed to document by 50%. The AI-generated documentation is incredibly accurate.”

Alec Courtney
Buffalo Performance Physio

“It's not just a time-saver. It's a game-changer, allowing me to maintain uninterrupted, quality interactions with my patients.”

Erson Religioso
Modern Manual Therapy

“I went from doing hours of documentation to being able to really spend a quality one-on-one time with each patient.”

Chris Kendall
Kendall Performance PT

Start letting AI do your notes today.