Frequently Asked Questions

Does Comprehend Integrate with my EMR?

Yep! We offer direct integration via a Chrome Extension for WebPT, Empower EMR (Previously MW Therapy), JaneApp, Prompt, and PT Everywhere. If you use any other EMR we are compatible via copy past but we are expanding our direct integrations. Please reach out if you want your EMR to be integrated with.

Is Comprehend HIPAA Compliant

Yes! Every user that signs up for Comprehend signs a BAA with Comprehend Health. This combined with our plans, procedures, and sophisticated encryption ensures HIPAA compliance.

Does Comprehend have a Mobile App.

We offer a web app that can be added to the home screen of your mobile device. Once there our app will behave just like a normal app!

Can I record in an open gym?

Yep! Our transcription model is top of the line!

Do I have to tell my patients they are being recorded?

The requirement to inform your patients about recording conversations varies by state law. For example, New York is a one-party consent state, meaning that only one party involved in the conversation needs to consent to the recording. However, in the context of healthcare, maintaining trust between clinician and patient is paramount. Thus, we strongly advise our clinicians to notify their patients when recordings are being made. This approach ensures transparency and fosters a trusting relationship.
We suggest using the following phrasing to communicate this to your patients: "Do you mind if I use a new tool to record our conversation? It does my notes for me allowing me to focus solely on you rather than having to worry about documentation. It's completely HIPPA compliant and all recordings are deleted after they are transcribed."

What devices do you support.

iPhone, Android, Mac, PC, and Chromebooks are all supported by our web app!

Does the Integration work on Mobile?
Do I have to record the whole conversation?

No, many of our customers do mini brain dumps during or after a visit where they quickly summarize the visit in less than 30 seconds. This brain dump gives the AI all the context it needs to write the note.

Do you offer discounts for veterans?

At Comprehend Health, we are proud to offer discounts to our veterans in recognition of their service and dedication. We understand the importance of giving back to those who have served our country, and we are committed to making our services more accessible to them. Veterans are eligible to receive a special discount on our products and services. To avail of this discount, please provide proof of your veteran status during your purchase or inquiry.

What is your product refund policy?

At Comprehend Health, we prioritize customer satisfaction while upholding fairness and efficiency in our operations. Understanding the importance of peace of mind in your purchases, we offer a comprehensive 30-day money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can confidently request a full refund within this period. Our policy is designed to provide you with a worry-free shopping experience, ensuring that you can make your purchase with confidence

How do I make the AI Sound like me?

We offer a templating solution! A template is a pre-designed structure that serves as a starting point for our AI to create a note. Once you have a command you can add example notes, allowing the AI to really match your style and tone.

What if I see multiple patients at the same time?

Great Question! Yes you can. We recommend our users do mini "Brain Dumps" during a visit filling each visit with only information from 1 specific visit.

How well does it do with accents and different languages?

Our transcription model is lights out, handling 57 languages and the BEST transcription model for accents.