Jake Michalski

Jake Michalski

Jake is our AI guy. He's a big water sport guy and has bought and sold 9 jetski's to date. His favorite food is Chicken Alfredo and favorite singer is Elvis!

About me

Hello, I'm Jacob Michalski, a Buffalo, New York native with a passion for computers and cutting-edge technology. I proudly spearheaded Comprehend Health, a pioneering software startup that harnesses the power of AI to transform medical documentation, especially within the physical therapy sphere.

During my tenure at Moog Inc., I took on challenges that involved writing intricate code for military aircraft and future satellite projects. Taking a leadership role, I was also at the helm of an initiative that focused on simulating devices surrounding our vital payloads. This experience was not only technically enriching but also shaped my collaborative and leadership skills.

In addition to my passion for coding and AI, family serves as my anchor, providing a steadfast foundation and unwavering support. My commitment to fitness, underscored by my experience as a 3-year captain on the college crew team, keeps me grounded, ensuring that my physical well-being complements my intellectual pursuits. Friends complete the circle, offering camaraderie, joy, and the shared experiences that make life's journey memorable.

Moreover, I believe in giving back to the community that shaped me. As a member of the Lancaster High School Academy of Finance advisory board and an active speaker and judge for the Engineering Academy there, I contribute my time and insights to inspire and uplift the next generation of innovators and leaders.

Throughout my life, I've carried a burning aspiration to change the world. Now, as I stand at the nexus of technological advancement and personal growth, I'm elated to realize that I'm doing just that. Every line of code I write, every initiative I lead, and every young mind I inspire is a testament to this lifelong dream. The journey has been arduous, but the fulfillment of making a difference has made every challenge worthwhile. As I continue to push boundaries and bring change, I'm fueled by the excitement of not just wishing, but actively shaping the future.